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Wood box voice than man-made sound good?

  • Wood box voice than man-made sound good?Can't say so. Theoretically speaking, the box if not strong enough, with what material vibration without distinction. Speaker voice is mainly composed of speaker unit, box structure design, the three elements prescaler, with the case materials with real wood or man-made board, plastic, metal with or without relationship.
  • The speaker unit airtight speakers in a fully closed the cabinet, so, the diaphragm backward radiation crosstalk wave was completely cut off, not run case outside box to go ahead with the diaphragm is crosstalk wave phase offset, solve the problem, "" sound to bass can effectively radiation. Closed box rolled-off characteristics compared to other types of speakers are gentle, was a second-order low-pass filter attenuation curve, this means that it has all kinds of speakers in the transient response of the best. At the same time, in the air in airtight formed a strong "air spring", can effectively restrain membrane resonant frequency vibration in the displacement, reduce the nonlinear distortions. However, air power also makes the low frequency resonant frequency driver, lower than the low frequency sound overall unit in free space condition, and pour in box, transmission box, compared to the design of the relative low floor closed box will send some. Also, after the diaphragm to radiation, can use its efficiency is lower.