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Laser Engraver And Cutter


The Model features of our product CO2 laser engraver

and is utilized by customers for the highest-quality engraving

and cutting of wood, acrylics, plastics, paper, and much more.

Find out why from our small laser to our popular Laser engraver - is the number one choice for engravers worldwide

with the highest quality motion control system and most features on the market.

Technical parameters:

Laser power:50W OPTION

Laser type:Hermetic CO2 glass tube

Power Supply:AC110 50HZ

Max cutting speed:1500mm/s

Locating Precision:0.01mm

System Environment:WINDOWS

Packing way:Plywood case

Compatible:software CoreDraw Autocad

New DSP Controller For easily Move.

Front Door easily Drop Down for easy in/out material