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Loudspeakers principle

The principle, using diode amplifier and capacitance and other electronic originals, through the combination of certain, microloudspeaker, amplification of principle.

After all
In the course of the signal is received by the combination of electronic components..... The amplification.
After the amplification of capability crystal through the speaker gives voice signal. The principle is to. Electrical signals converts sound signal converters. Speaker for electronic products of voice, the output is an important component and its application scope widely, but in each headset or head machine, such as a walkman, acoustics, radio communication, multimedia computer, recording engineering or electronic dictionaries, used to listening to music and sound, also can be in telephone call, used to dial words.
1 the buddhist sex bearings
The buddhist sex is connected with the bearing vibration film. It consists of stent elastic material, on one hand, on the other hand, the membrane fixed vibration allows a slight vibration film vibration.
2 scaffolds
Stents are metal is caused, the role of supporting diaphragm, as part of the weak sha-lu line.
3 vibration membrane
Vibration is usually consists of paper, film made of plastic or metal, coil and vibration membrane, when the line will drive sha-lu vibrating membrane together, vibration and promote the vibration of the surrounding air. Vibration of air, into sound.
Permanent magnet magnet is divided into 4) for the north and south poles, the existence of the north and south poles in this position will be a permanent magnetic field. In this, with extremely, extremely will phase out will phase.
5 coil
A conductive metal wire around into line, once energized sha-lu will cause electromagnetic fields, and magnet of roughly the same. But the electromagnetic field is temporary, and stone when the current direction changes, the direction of the field will also change.
The permanent magnet in a permanent magnetic field, caused by current through the wire, wire sha-lu sha-lu electromagnetic or permanent magnetic field and phase, or permanent magnetic field and phase change. When the current direction of magnetic field, also can change into phase. Phase, the phase into adj. Where each current change direction, line. It will vibration sha-lu
The difference is, high frequency vibration of air every secret, namely to play like now. C (frequency speed, namely for 256 256 vibrations per second), the player will output of ac speed 256, in other words, in a current seconds will change 256 times. Every time when the current change direction, the coil produces electromagnetism field direction also changing. The magnetic coil constantly changing, and permanent magnets phase, a phase, produce per second 256 times vibration.
6 centers
Elastic material by circular disk center. It is caused by used in upper plane, but also need fixed coil can make line before sha-lu. So it is design of vibration into shape, the organ in the spring, a plane to line pressure sha-lu. Online sha-lu movement, it can move slightly stretch after, not hamper the line. Sha-lu
7. Dust cover
Cover the line of the center, prevent sha-lu motes fall into.
8. Wires
Wires connected with the line, the rossoneri sha-lu two lines across the alternating change, change the line of magnetic field lines, sha-lu sha-lu remored driving vibration and noise vibration membrane.
9 speakers
Speakers have multiple function. First, it can be put inside the speaker parts and protection to prevent their migration fixed. Second, speakers can absorb the speaker vibration, such as the main speaker, we can put on the table, desk, together with speaker vibration to the speaker's voice. Third, when the vibration membrane in vibration, it not only vibration of air, vibration ahead of the film will also be simultaneously within the speaker sound vibrations. By reflection pipe receiver out, times voice.
The reflex pipes
Within the sound waves from here to the reflection, The Times bigger voice.
11. Control circuit
We used in home of ac frequency is that every secret isolator clock transition fifty times. In play, we need to keep the change of frequency control circuit role. Read the frequency is needed, and then output control ac frequency. Create different sound.
12 variable resistor
When you change the speaker voice big hours in regulating circuit inside the resistance, resistance to rise, current will lead to abate, the vibration line. Sha-lu When you put down opposite, current increases, the line, the vibration sha-lu voice will increase.
When the signal source signals (such as DVD by reading the disk signal) machine,
After expanding machine (tube expanding machine current amplification is amplified voltages),
The speaker came, in accordance with the voice coil wire through the current right ampere theorem, a magnetic field around,
When the voice coil through the current, magnetic,
And the magnet field horn, fixed, the opposite sex reactive, vibration.
Sound circle circle tube connection of nude, carcass is Fleming left theorem, produces sports
Carcass vibration of air sound. The carcass may be more low frequency.