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JBL LX series speakers

American JBL audio company is famous speaker manufacturer, early and ALTEC company and a famous speaker manufacturers WESTAN audio products, ELECTRIC cooperative production was established in 1946, independent JBL audio company.
The company product JBL audio speakers with reliable quality and reputation marketing world nearly 100 countries, in some public places, radio, theater, film manufactory etc, about 70% of the speaker has adopted JBL products.
The speakers from JBL, the overall evaluation of the typical replay American style, low intensity big, dynamic replay is good, suitable for playback rhythm of strong, such as: dean and rolled away, it suits relatively small box as a family cinema playback system.
The speaker JBL audio company main products are LX, also quote container no, SU series. In product design and production technology, sound company JBL maintains very strict to conscientiously, the product can suit different design style of family listening environment.
Here in China mainly introduce the LX series and more popular home theater SU series product speakers.
The speaker JBL audio company in recent years, there is a technical breakthrough research will be applied to the speaker's metal titanium productions. General high-pitched voice lu, due to its left for vibration signal frequency for film work dozens KHZ, speakers of diaphragm shall be under a lot of pressure, thus making the air requirements of diaphragm speakers can have certain rigidity, materials and rapid movement under the air pressure, but also the quality of diaphragm requirements, otherwise light signals of high transient reflect slower. Because of the metal titanium metal aluminium strength than 6 times greater than the metal, but the quality of steel material light 2 times, this company engineers developed JBL unique titanium soprano speaker, it could replay slender, clear high frequency signal.
The low frequency for LX series JBL unit, strive to achieve the company high dynamic, low distortion and could replay lower frequency of low-frequency signals, whether in low-frequency JBL audio company unit of stents, magnet sound and vibration membrane, by making the best materials. In this series of speakers, this series of intermediate unit adopts JBL studio as speakers with speakers of listening to the intermediate frequency signal aloud heavy has certain strength and clarity.
A box of prescaler is the heart, it is responsible for speakers of different frequencies were sent to the signal of high, medium and low JBL stereo speaker used computer programs to the speaker series LX prescaler design, to maximize the advantages of each speaker, make broad range aloud weight.
JBL LX series products in LX300 have LX400, main LX500, LX600, LX700, LX725, LX800, LX1000, a few speakers, each have characteristics.
Table 4-15 for JBL LX series of technical indicators and characteristics of the speakers.