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Do not fall into car audio conversion errors

Do not fall into car audio conversion errors
  Misunderstanding one: Many owners think that multi-disc CD drive some complicated process,

so the price is higher than the single-disc CD drive, in fact, wrong. If you just want to pick a

regular single-disc machine, the price is very cheap, but good quality single disc machine with a

ten-disc player price is almost the same, or even higher. Moreover, the development of

technology has already solved many problems of instability changer changer completely safe to


  Error two: buyhome audio, most people think that the host, choose the same brand of

speakers are better, so the car should use the same brand of audio products, which in turn is a

misunderstanding. In fact, according to the host model, the power to carry out a reasonable

mix of different brands of products to create a good reception.
  Misunderstanding number three: say "a good horse with a good saddle," we should be

mounting high-end luxury car stereo, this is not true. What kind of assembly is based entirely

on sound economic strength and owners to set the level of music appreciation. One Alto

owners to assemble a set of more than 20,000 yuan for sound, put his car trunk is two large

speakers, no longer fit any other items, but he said he did appreciate the perfect musical


  Misunderstanding of the four: Many owners believe that the installation disk bass sound

effects to Qidao shock, in fact, you ignore the car's features, then there will be noise, high-end

cars there, the process of moving the release of bass music will be reduced to varying degrees,

while the disc is in the bass sound to add the loss of bass, with bass amp if you can reserve the

power to increase, reduce distortion, this is a different place and home stereo.

Understanding would not have made repeated mistakes friends.