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Auto Mini Laser Turntable (MD)

Auto Mini Laser Turntable (MD)

Sony pioneered the sound in 1992, a new era of new technology - invented the mini-compact discs (MD). It is not only durable, but also have excellent recording function, and the match with laser discs

Beautiful sound.

---- The same year, Sony introduced the world's first car mini compact discs players, even after the invention of the mini-laser discs can be automatically converted mini car adapter compact discs, obviating

Often replace the cassette with the inconvenience, just push the button, you can enjoy the endless supply of music. Because it uses ATRAC compression system, all data, so it only 64 cents

Meters wide, is small and easy to carry, but the sound quality is also up to CD quality, even after repeated recording, sound remains unchanged, the effect is outstanding. Here, at any time while driving into the

Quick search song or direct line selections, as long as the finger one click, fast and convenient. But MD still shell protection, making it more durable and has a dust in a long time. It also has a memory function shock

Energy, this feature is the use of electronic pre-stored musical signal memory, if the case of shock, the memory can still output data, that the music continues to play perfectly in the car for this feature

It is easy to do using.

---- Automotive mini compact discs (MD) set of traditional cassette and CD in a number of advantages, of course, is the best car audio media.