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The choose and buy of multimedia speaker

Hobby music of computer games and the friend, the computer will block is good, but there are good sound card is not enough! As the saying goes: set the saddle on the right horse, if you need more strength, the best quality shock and a good 4.1 or again, or multimedia speakers 5.1 track, even if you have the world's best sound block, but not proper collocation is good to the speaker. Facing various kinds of multimedia computer speakers, how should we choose? Below I will from the loudspeaker design, quality standards, to talk about the choose and buy of speakers.

1, first is "see" : overall, "see" refers to the shape, color, size meets your personal love, Whether can bring you an art enjoyment, enough lets you shine at the moment, fondle admiringly. Of course, if will rise above these for a standard, should focus on the note the following aspects:

A, "see" the contour surface is smooth, with never allow have broken shells or steps,

B, "see" box shell quality is exquisite and smooth mellow colour and lustre, neededmaterials excellent,

C, "see" box, choose whether strict middle button, sockets and cabinet with moderate, mould, whether the injection molding process is exquisite,

D, "see" box every face, 1 line, every qing Angle is delicate, fine, the so-called "contains no explicit subtleties ZhenGong;"

E, "see" box and surface sculpture or printing marks is clear and decorous, smooth evenly,

F, "see" on the board before the function keys is enough to meet their requirements

G, if want to further requirements, can open box, meticulous observation, whether the box and smooth column, rib is fine, internal wiring whether reasonable, disassembling is concise and easy, etc. These high quality products to pull with inferior products.

2 and secondly to "touch" :

A case with the hand, with eyes, surface, make cabinet and surface processing degree of discretion,

B, turn the knob, switch, look to whether have not feeling, friction touching should feel smooth and fine potentiometer, resistance, appropriate is too light, or overweight not ideal,

C, each of the speaker connections plug and socket etc. Try input, output, look to whether natural smooth interpolation, too tight damageable machine, too loose again not sound.

D, use a hand to hear their voice is striking. That sounds punchy sturdy box, distortion is small. If you are interested, break loose height, unfavorable choose distortion,

E, in addition, ok the cabinet, a good speaker weight should have enough weight. Good speaker generally use high-density plate as the case materials, and using plastic as the speaker sound box are generally not too good. The weight of the cabinet is the important symbol of quality measure is bought speakers saying: "buy", the speaker cabinet jins, representative of the thicker the plank, using the harmonic control ability is strong, the voice more thick. Due to the multimedia box contains amplifiers, greater power amplifier, transformer, so from another, speakers, said the bearing power.

3, then "listen" :

Complete (not connected to speakers) and silver frequency connection will turn on the power switch, the adjustment knob are transferred to the biggest position, listen to the speaker of the noise. Under normal circumstances, the human ear 10 centimeters from speakers, should not obvious, or for high noise,

Through signal:

A, can hear positioning is good speaker

B, can hear the subtle, the sense is good speaker

C, the feeling is not loud speakers

Below is the speaker when the choose and buy you should pay attention to, perhaps you buy handy:

1, must pay attention to the speaker output tone, because even if music is the source of multimedia games and general music, so one high proportion of small scale, bass.

2, should pay attention to the acoustic positioning capability. Speakers positioning capability is directly related to the user playing games, watching DVDS of on-the-spot effect.

3, should pay attention to the speaker time-frequency dynamic amplification, namely when the user will limit the speaker up and ofcarbon, speakers can still keep in the range of sound amplification even clearer.

4, paying special attention to whether have resonance case speaker. General case thinner or plastic shells in the box below 200Hz big volume low frequency output will resonance phenomenon. Case will seriously affect resonance occur, so the sound output in the selected user when the speaker should be chosen wooden shell speakers.

5, should pay attention to whether the box with magnetic. Due to the display of the magnetic field around is very sensitive, if the speaker's magnetic field is meeting makes screen image affected, and even cause display life down, so in choosing to more attention.

6, must pay attention to the speaker cabinet closure. Because of the speakers, output quality sealing is better. Enclosed check method is very simple, and user can put his hand on the box, if feel porous significantly out or breathe in the air, explains the airtight performance good speakers.