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How to put speakers

In all, the sound of many speakers position-measuring weight? If you want to ask me, my answer is: to make stereo sound good, space condition, the collocation of equipment, and using position-measuring speakers such four major categories home fine-tuning. Among them, speakers position-measuring need not spend money but also can make stereo sound good method, so I would like to say is position-measuring speakers for 28% of the importance of five, but the importance of 50%. If you do not believe, please carefully put various loudspeaker position-measuring way tried, I think you will change the idea.

To tell you how to implement the "in" position-measuring before, I want to reveal the reader is an important concept, that is "speakers and listen to of space is the voice of performance, and listening to speakers are in the interaction between the space. Or, I say, space, more speakers position-measuring and listen to the position selection is three interaction, especially concerning your better conditions are harsh between, if you can find the best balance among the interaction, can let a stereo sound good.

The first method: 317 proportion method

Methods: the room is divided into three equal length (3), the speakers in third place (a), the length of the interval between two speakers for room two-thirds length of 0.7 times (7). Speakers are the best to slightly to cast Angle, but not to listen, also can cast by the position cannot stick. Effect: this method for big size, scale evenly (for example about 1 - or about unto l: 1.6:2.5) space, can get the balanced voice and wide deep sound field. This is sound BBS is often recommended readers to a method.

The second method: 331 proportion method

Methods: the room is divided into three equal length, width, and (3) are divided into three parts (3), the speakers in length and width equal in the first intersection (1). Speakers can have a slight Angle inward, not even need to project to project can also listen within, not stick on the position.

Effect: this method is suitable for big size and proportion of uniform. It 317 proportion method "and" the spirit is consistent with the "317 ratio, the only method is the interval between two speakers narrow. This can also be balanced with wide deep voice sound field. American law journal editor by TAS.

Method: the third set screw holes

Methods will sound in room one-third to one-half of length between two speakers, and will try to depend on two over the wall (if the room is very wide, not need abuts side wall), the two speakers in more than 45 ° Angle projection. Listening position in projection crossover intersection between after 1-0.5 meters.

Effect: this is sharp, mediant in high enough, bass is too thin faults. And, with many severe environment can achieve the best effect. This is the "sound BBS" in common adverse space provided effective method of place.

Fourth: triangles

Methods: the first is to leave the speakers (at least 1 meters) and lateral wall (at least 0.5 meters). The second condition is two speakers and listening position, as triangle. The third condition is that the two speakers from inside to 45 ° Angle projection also or more. This is the first four conditions can be as small as a triangle. The room is little, the little power when smaller squares, After the big room when the power level is larger triangles.

Effect: it is common to almost sound field. It can reduce the benefits of four wall is reflected in the sound box directly, so too good positioning and wide deep sound field. It is able to hear the most direct and the clear place. Details, Many commentators in evaluation method with sound joys.