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Why to buy these speaker

These bookshelf speakers have been bought to replace smaller,

less expensive bookshelf units, mostly because the first one I purchased (Polk M-10, on sale) were lacking too much in the lower frequencies for my taste.

I know, you can't expect any real bass from bookshelf speakers, but nonetheless.

Anyway, I just brought the TSi200 home a few hours ago and had them do a very minimal burn-in for a few hours whilst I was doing something else

(they are paired with a Yamaha RX-397 receiver, as an home office sound system -- this is not my main audio rig!).

I got back to them when I took a break from working on my house, giving a "quick listen" to a few ripped CDs.

I know they are not fully broken in and are not in their final "resting place", but, the first impression is as follow:

* surprisingly bass-heavy.

* a bit bright on the top-end, but I'll put this on the account of their non broken-in state and the source material.

* surprisingly detailed, for such inexpensive speakers.

* placement might be more important than one might think, being rear ported.

Again, this is just an initial review and I will have come back with a follow-up.

These speakers appear to be a very good bet for a secondary sound system. Initial gut reaction would be that,

properly fed, properly placed (too close to the wall and the bass appears to become muddy), these speakers should be able to sing.

They might well be quite an audio bargain. Let's say that I got what I was searching for (wider frequency range) and that I do not feel ripped off.

*** A follow-up:

after roughly a week's worth of break-in and, in the mean-time, swapping the cheap Monster THX SP 16 cables for a pair of Kimber 4PR,

the sound coming from these bookshelf speakers improved quite a bit. Everything firmed up,

the highs are less bright and the lows are less boomy (again, be aware that these speakers are sensitive to placement).

The sound is even more "punchy", more immediate (you _feel_ percussions a bit better).

Verdict? When on sale, these speakers offer undeniably great value.

You get good sound for a very acceptable price (in my case, 278CAD).

If you want to argue, yes, in absolute terms, there are better speakers out there compared to the Polk TSi 200.

But in their price range and for the type of speaker (i.e., bookshelf-type), I'm not sure these Polk have much competition, if any.

Just considering what they can do (when properly fed), if you buy these speakers, you should not be disapointed.